My First Book
“The Religion of Self-Enlightenment”

Carrick Ares is a man without belief. Yet at the age of twenty-nine, he has a near-death experience which changes him.

He is sent to a psychiatrist, Paul Turnstone, in order to return him to his usual state of mind. They discuss many of the central themes of life, including identity, the purpose of individual existence and the idea of progress. They become more compassionate toward each other and a friendship of some depth develops.

However, Carrick goes insane trying to understand life’s biggest questions. In his insanity, he creates a new religion: The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. This is a discussion on, and reinterpretation of, human religion to date.


A cult sensation, with positive word of mouth causing it to sell out at bookshops across the region.

Cambridge News


A Cult Classic.

That’s Cambridge TV


This book is really an echo for desire for peace in the world and how we can achieve it.

Jewish Telegraph


This book is a classic of
Near-Death Experience literature.

The Oracle – Glastonbury


I could not put this book down. I was immediately hooked and read it cover to cover.

107 Endeavour FM – Chris Moore DJ


If you buy one book in your life make it this one.


This book helped me.


A big thank you to just a few of the lovely folk that bought my first book “The Religion of Self Enlightenment” – it was delightful meeting you all.


Making People Smile

As part of my “The Religion of Self-enlightenment” book giveaway

Lynn is taking ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ on holiday with her and will leave an Amazon review in her own good time 🙂 Thank you, Lynn!

Alex is the luckiest man alive! He is, in fact, the first man I’ve given ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ to. I hope he will enjoy it!!

Tom is an excellent cashier and a wonderful person! Here he is with his free copy of ‘The ROSE‘!

Heeere’s Alison! She has a free copy of my “cult sensation” debut novel, ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’, in her hands! Lucky her.

Jane was just talking about spirituality and yoga before I pounced on her with a FREE copy of my debut novel, ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’! I hope she enjoys it.

Raj is thinking of writing a book himself and is about to travel to the Middle East. What a perfect reader!

Dearest Ami loves her free copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’! It was awesome to meet you 🙂

Ann and Richard are creative types who have been happily married for many years. I would say that they accepted a free copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’, but they actually insisted on giving me money for it! Thank you to these lovely people. 🙂

Pamela’s a lovely lady who is going to give my book a read.

I gave my lovely colleague at Oxfam Bookshop, Amelie, a signed copy of ‘The Religion Of Self-Enlightenment’. Hope she enjoys it immensely!!

Hannah wins a free copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’ for her reading pleasure – after exams, of course!

Here’s the lovely Jenny with her FREE copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’! She “loves a bit of self-enlightenment”

Giving away my book in the name of love. Thank you to the lovely Amy, who is taking the book back to Sweden.

I will post a picture of everyone I ever give a book! Here is the delightful Caroline, who is giving a copy to her husband, Stuart!

Here’s the charming Sinead with her free copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’! She’s all about the word ‘enlightenment’… 🙂 Lovely to meet such a wonderful woman.

Amy’s happy with her free copy of ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment’!

Here is Rosa. The acronym for the book is ‘The ROSE’, which we found synchronistic!

Emily’s taking her free copy of my “cult sensation” (Cambridge News) novel, ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment‘, to her book club tonight!