My Sixth Book
A Moment of Perfection

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my sixth book, “A Moment of Perfection”. It tells the story from birth until death of an Englishman named Elijah Keith who sails to the New World in 1727, climbs a sacred mountain and has a dystopian vision of the future at its summit. Deeply pro indigenous people and critical of the white man’s sense of progress, this is a novel that speaks of equality, faith and the nature of love. If you are looking for a good read it’s available NOW from Amazon!

Elijah Keith sails from England to the New World in 1727, climbs a sacred mountain and has a vision of a dystopian future at its summit, which could soon come to pass. After being taken into the folds of an indigenous tribe he is initially a scared captive, but soon comes to see the beauty, harmony and attuned simplicity of their way of life. The glimpses he has of their world also breeds sadness at the realisation that it ultimately could not last. 

This is a fictional tale which encompasses vast existential themes of belonging, racial tensions, the evils of colonial injustice and the enduring nature of love.

Making People Smile

As part of my “A Moment of Perfection” book giveaway

Met the nicest workmen on a walk and ended up giving them copies of my new release “A Moment of Perfection”.