My Fourth Book
“My Searches for Meaning”

My fourth published works ‘My Searches for Meaning’ is a collection of over one hundred poems written over the course of the turbulent year 2020.

It features seven themes – Growing Up, Faith, Love, Relationships, Triumph & Disaster, Doubts and Ambition.

Broken in the Post

Everyone’s a vulnerable person nowadays,
We’re all fragile as Hell.
I arrive at your doorstep
As if broken in the post.
You let me in anyway.
You’re kinder than most,
Accepting faulty goods
Because you know
We all have our faults.
That’s how we grow.
We’re all moving towards the light of love;
That much is assured.
We rage against our mortal imprisonment
As the wave attacks the shore.

Lift Your Head Up

“On the darkest day of the year
People are looking for light”
Even the newsreader on television
Has turned into Rumi for the night,
For poetry surrounds us
Particularly in our despair.
Whether we define it as such
Is neither here nor there.
A newborn baby’s touch:
It rhymes
With flowers in the meadow
As they caress and reach for light.
Don’t you dare hold your head low
As the wave attacks the shore.

The Isle of Dreams

Hit me with the truth:
Hard, no flinching.
I want to know what’s real so badly
I’ve been pinching myself all the time
Since my dream awakened
And then turned to pieces,
As my heart was breaking.
When dreams turn to dust
You must throw them to the wind
On a sacred isle.

In Memory of You

Friendships come and friendships go.
Into the wind they blow
To be held by another hand,
Far away in distant lands

Though I sometimes think of you,
All along we always knew
You don’t see me bright and true
Like I see you, scarred and bruised

Now we’re on different plains,
Never to return again
To the nights we laughed at tragedy.
Being with people who weren’t meant for us.

Into the realm of trust I glide
Far away from view
Though the thorns prick at my side
In memory of you