Emily Scialom

Welcome to my website, please take the time to read the reviews and watch/listen to my interviews. Also, I would be happy to meet with you personally at any forthcoming events (COVID allowing) and hear what you think about my books – in the meantime you can always contact me direct via my socials. If you haven’t read my books yet you can purchase them here from Amazon, or they are available in Waterstones as well as in many independent bookshops. My new book ‘Eternal Artist’ is out now. Why not make it a great Christmas present for yourself!

And Me . . .

I was born in Hackney, London in 1984. After ten years of my childhood spent in the spiritual heartland of Glastonbury, my family and I moved to Cambridge. There I completed my studies at Hills Road Sixth Form College and then went to Liverpool University to complete my BA in Communications, Media and Popular Music. I was a nationally published poet as a child. At seventeen I was internationally published. Subsequently songwriting led to my forming a band and the limitations of poetical verse then caused me to embark on writing novels, the first of which was The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, followed by The Rivers and now Eternal Artist.

Eternal Artist

As part of the promotion of my newly published third book ‘Eternal Artist’ I am creating T-Shirts that feature various phrases used in the book. CLICK HERE for more information.

So Far . . .

Eternal Artist

This, my third book and just released, is an autobiographical amalgamation of poetry, observations on life and romantic experiences. ‘Eternal Artist‘ features poetry collated over the course of two years. From friends, family, lovers and strangers, ‘Eternal Artist‘ gives an insight into the chaotic beauty of life in the 21st century.

The Rivers

My second novel is a love story. “We all live precariously. We all have powerful experiences which involve only absolute bliss and love. We never really talk about it. The lives of these people all have colour and vibrancy.

The Rivers of The Cam and The Thames flow freely through Cambridge and London, as do the lives of this plethora of characters. While Elizabeth Dalston and John Cross form a loving marriage, a sea of alternative romantic dynamics emerges from the chaos of 21st-century Britain. Amidst a backdrop of philosophic and emotional turmoil, these two lovers manage to explore the depths of their love in its wildest form.

Investigate them. They are incredibly troubled people who need to learn not to cause trouble for others. The relationships between Elizabeth, John and other lovers are beautiful and intricate, which inspires the perception that true love, fate, passion and spirituality are the forces we live by.”

The Religion of Self-Enlightenment

Carrick Ares is a man without belief. Yet at the age of twenty-nine, he has a near-death experience which changes him.

He is sent to a psychiatrist, Paul Turnstone, in order to return him to his usual state of mind. They discuss many of the central themes of life, including identity, the purpose of individual existence and the idea of progress. They become more compassionate toward each other and a friendship of some depth develops.

However, Carrick goes insane trying to understand life’s biggest questions. In his insanity, he creates a new religion: The Religion of Self-Enlightenment. This is a discussion on, and reinterpretation of, human religion to date.