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‘My Searches For Meaning’

Over one hundred poems written during the course of the turbulent year 2020. Themes include faith, politics and love.

Watch this space for a release!


‘Viajes Internos’

Another collection of poetry, ‘Viajes Internos’. This translates to “internal travels” or “internal voyages”.

I’m sure we have all been on a journey of questioning and enlightenment in recent times!



This international competition has received my poem “Faith Over Fear” for consideration.

‘Faith Over Fear’

Faith to the max:
No time to play;
I want to learn about Jesus
From night into day.
Knowing He’s not a fiction;
Feeling Him watching me,
Deep down in my soul.
He knows all the things I know:
How to treat one another –
Very few have a clue;
They want to hurt and maim
Until they can claim a victory over you.
Not for me the life of petty spiritual criminality;
I’m on the verge of greatness.
Give me a few years –
And a whole lot of tears –
We’ll see where infinity takes me.
For mine is the Eagle,
Flying too high to see.
I want to laugh forever
And learn how to really be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts?



A Global Celebration of Literary Excellence

And finally, my first novel ‘The Religion Of Self-Enlightenment’ has also been entered into The Book Excellence Awards – Fiction Category. Winner to be announced Spring 2022!

Here’s hoping. Long wait though!